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Growing up... Sucks!
6th-Sep-2009 04:50 pm - (semi) friends only
HP - Ron (Rawr!)

This journal is (semi) friends only.
Some posts will be locked and some others won't.

If you're from TFL, add me and I'll add you back.
If you're not, then tell me why you want me to friend you.
10th-Jan-2009 05:43 pm - Meme time!
HP - Ron (Rawr!)
Hahaha! I know, I know... I was watching my older entries and came across a great meme I want to do again, so here it goes... :D Oh, this was the original one.

1. Go to Google Images.
2. Search up your answer.
3. Pick one image from the first page and post.

The age you will be on your next birthday

This way... :DCollapse )
6th-Jan-2009 01:17 pm - Jake McDormand is so hot!
Gossip Girl - Blair
OMG. This will look like a 14-year-old girl's post but I don't care, lol.

You see, Jake McDormand works in Greek, and though I really don't like his character in the show that much, he's so freaking hot as you can see in that link. Geez! So, I decided I needed more of him... so I downloaded this movie, Aquamarine, to watch him. Hah! OMG. So many shirtless scenes... and guh. Okay, I think I'm done babbling about Jake. (Updated my movie list, btw).

I'm going to have lunch now... my mom's already yelling at me.
5th-Jan-2009 10:00 pm - A fun meme!
Gossip Girl - Chuck
Yayz! I love memes! Here's one called the Flickr Meme... Uuuh! I stole it from bastii, thanks! :)

Flickr is love!Collapse )
3rd-Jan-2009 08:50 pm - 500 episodes in 2009
Gossip Girl - B&C (so wrong it's right)

1. I watch 500 TV show episodes or more in 2008.
2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
3. I only record first-time episodes.
4. If you want to recommend any TV shows to me, go for it.
5. Feel free to share your opinion.


96 / 500 episodes. 19% done!

What would I do without TV?Collapse )


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