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Growing up... Sucks!
Deathly Hallows meme 
17th-Jan-2007 12:51 am
HP - Ron (Rawr!)
My first meme. Snagged from mah_akh.

1. Are you going to look at every possible spoiler you can before the book comes out? Did you with HBP and how accurate were the ones you saw?
No. I hate spoilers. Ugh. Someone "accidentally" (meaning 'on purpose') told me Dumbledore was going to die in HBP. I almost killed that person, of course.

2. What will you do if Amazon (or whoever) don’t deliver your copy on time, and everyone is reading it except you?
Well... I live in Venezuela. So, you can imagine. Actually, with HBP, I had to wait like half a year to read it because I was waiting for it to come out in spanish. But this time... I don't know how I'm going to do. I'll read it in english, though, that's for sure.

3. Will you read the last chapter before anything else? Are you planning to read the book all in one go or are you a slow reader?
No! No way. Lol. I'll read it how it's supposed to be read. And well, my best friend and I are planning to read it without stopping, so... We read HBP in 1 day. Is that slow?

4. What’s your theory on the meaning of “Deathly Hallows”?
God. Uhm... English's not my first language so... But I don't know. I think of something sacred and dangerous.

5. What’s the craziest Harry Potter theory you’ve got, which you could only share with your trusted f-list?
Lol. I don't know. I'm not a good theory maker.

6. If you could write in a sub-plot of your own choosing to the main Harry one, what would it be?
Marauders. Yeap. Or, Snape's life. Dunno.

7. Who do you think will die in the book, and who would you be most upset to see die, even if you don’t think it’s likely?
Oh, God. Uhm. I don't want Jo to kill Ron or Hermione. If she does... I'll die too. I think Ginny will die... or she'll be in a mortal danger. Aww.

8. Name three main(ish) characters who you think will definitely live and why. Is there a very minor character(s) you really want to have a happy ending?
Hagrid, Snape (o.o) and Ron or Hermione... Damn it! Lol. Luna... that poor girl.

9. If you don’t like the book, or are bitterly disappointed by it, do you think you’ll still stay in the fandom?
Undoubtedly. Not liking the seventh book never came to my mind...

10. One word (or concise) answers only!
Snape: good, evil, own agenda?
Own agenda.
Bill: will he help Remus or just be on permanent honeymoon?
He'll help Remus.
Peter: a Gryffindor moment or not?
Maybe a Gryffindor moment.
Harry: is he a Horcrux?
Probably. xD
The Weasleys: will they all survive? If no to the above: who won’t?
This makes me think of Ron dying in a horrible death. *cries*
Did Snape love Lily?
Hey, you never know.
Hogwarts: will they go back to school or not?
Remus and Tonks: will they get married in the book?
I guess we'll see.
Bellatrix: who will be her nemesis?
Ugh. Don't talk to me about that bitch. I want Sirius to come back from the dead and kill her. Lol.
The new leader of the OotP is …?
Remus. (?)
Percy: will he see the error of his ways or not?
Ugh, he probably will, but at the very end.

11. If Harry could take just one adult Order of the Phoenix member with him on the search for Horcruxes, who should it be and why?
Little Remus.

12. Will Remus and Greyback have a confrontation in human or werewolf form? Will Tonks be involved? Who will the other werewolves support?
Werewolf form. And I don't know.

13. Who is the person from Harry’s class (and it isn’t him, Ron or Hermione), who will become a Hogwarts teacher? What subject will they teach?
I think the most obvious person would be Neville teaching Herbology. But I also thought of Luna... teaching Divination? Lol.

14. Do you think Harry will observe Remus looking less lined and walking with a little more of a spring in his step? If so, do you think he'll attribute it to Tonks, and if he does, will he blush?
Sorry, english's not my first language. Lol. Sorry...

15. Will Ginny use,"But Professor Lupin saw the futility of being a noble prat!" for one of her million arguments with Harry about why they should be together? Do you think they’ll get back together at all?
Lol! I think they'll be back together. And knowing Ginny, I think she'll follow Harry to the end of the world. I don't know why, but I see it like that.

16. Which house do you think Tonks is in, and why? Is she going to morph into someone important and who will it be?
Ravenclaw... or Hufflepuff. I don't know... -_-.

17. Who will be revealed to be the heir of Gryffindor?
Harry... Ron... lol.

18. As JKR has promised the final chapter will be like an epilogue; how do you think the final paragraph will read?
Since I was 13 I thought it'd end something like "...and Harry Potter will be remembered for just a significant part of him: his scar." xD Doesn't make sense, but nothing else comes to mind.
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